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Fully equipped exclusive Club House Indoor games Dedicated children’s play area Swimming Pool with an open deck area. Jogging Track around the campus Fully Equipped Gym

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Factors to Consider while Buying Luxurious Apartments

Are you looking to buy a luxurious apartment? If yes, here are a few important elements to consider. The first and foremost aspect is the locality. The selection of the locality depends on your personal preferences, connectivity, neighborhood, environment and the amenities you are expecting. Investing in properties is a big decision. Make sure you select the right location.

Choosing the best realtor is another important consideration. It is evident that many people looking to buy residentialapartments especially for the first time have trouble in choosing the reputed and trusted realtor due to inadequate knowledge and information. The industry experts evoke the buyers to consider the history of realtors/developers, check the quality of the previous projects and review the feedback of old customers.

The buyers of luxurious apartments demand the best that money can buy. Luxurious apartments are prudently designed to offer maximum comfort with luring interiors and cutting-edge facilities. Premium residential projects should offer ultra-modern amenities such as sleek and fully equipped kitchen, landscaped gardens, stylish living rooms, Wi-Fi, multiple parking, 24/7 security and gymnasiums.

With many people understanding the relevance of a luxurious apartment and opting for one. It is becoming increasing important the ratio of demand and supply in this sector be balanced and in this way many developers are coming up different projects. Checking the legality of the property is equally important. The finance assistance from reputed banks is other important aspect to consider.

If you are looking for a luxurious apartment in Sarjapur Road, Lotus Palace is the best choice to enjoy the luxurious living with a greater connectivity.

Real Estate Market Trends to watch in 2017

The real estate industry is expected to heat up in 2017 as per the current market trends and the analysis of the industry experts. The top real estate market conditions to watch out for in 2017 include increasing mortgage rates, home prices, and millennial/first time home buyers. 2017 is expected to remain a seller’s market.

Factors Driving Growth for the Residential Real Estate in Bangalore

In Bangalore, the residential real estate market has managed to enjoy steady growth compared to other metropolitan cities. Bangalore is India’s most preferred city to live in because of many elements. One of the most vital factors driving the growth of the residential real estate market is the expansion of manufacturing hubs and IT parks. Today, 6 out of 9 ‘Namma Metro’ Lines are operating across various parts of the city and have increased the demand for real estate. Moreover, the demand for villas, bungalows and apartments in sarjapur road is rapidly increasing among NRIs as well the residents of the city and the nation.

Bangalore is one of India’s renowned cities for quality education and employment opportunities in the IT industry. This has led to a steady demand for commercial and residential constructions across the city. The city is experiencing a lot of foreign investments, infrastructure projects and the increasing number of builders offering high-quality constructions with ultra-modern facilities. According to sources, Bangalore is witnessing a consistent 13% average annual price appreciation rate since 4 years. The population of the city is anticipated to grow from 9.6 million to 14 million by 2021. There are 2,840 IT/ITES companies, including 100+ Fortune 500 companies. The city has 31+ industrial hubs, including PSUs, IT/ITES, engineering, Textile and Biotechnology.

Lotus Palace – A redefined living in aesthetics of ultramodern amenities

Lotus Palace – A redefined living in the aesthetics of ultramodern amenities Ever since you saw Buckingham Palace, its beauty might have mesmerized you since then and ignited a desire to live like the Queen and the Royals. What if you desire of living in such a grand place comes true! Here is once in a lifetime opportunity to own a living place that is built on the lines of Buckingham Palace – Lotus Palace. 
An abode which mixes and matches ultra-modern amenities with royal aesthetics. Living in a grand palace should resemble extraordinary ambiance and amenities - we call these ultra-modern amenities. Right from the grand exteriors to intricate interiors at Lotus Palace we have crafted everything that brings the aesthetic feel. The imported teak wood doors, to original Italian sanitary ware in every design and decoration modules you are going to find elegance expected from a royal style of the living place.
Now, why do we add a modern touch with golden archetypical design? One of the many reasons is to bridge the present time with the palatial amenities of the past. When you look at the archaic design of the facade you feel a sense of pride to own a palace. At the same time, you need to find yourself physically fit to keep enjoying the grand living for years on and that demands an ultra-facility, gymnasium, hygienically maintained swimming pool, health care facilities etc. – all have been made available in Lotus Palace.
Think about the connectivity that every grand palace enjoys or about the surroundings that need to be like with a palace. Keeping these things in mind, the Lotus is built on sarjapur road, Bangalore, which is well connected with the rest of the city and the world. It has world-class hospitals and international education institutes nearby. It is well connected with corporate corridors, international airport, and first-class road transportation's.
Lotus Place is committed to delivering an everlasting experience with amenities woven around a royal hub of aesthetic and modern amenities. You do not need to be a king or a queen to bask in the royal coziness of a palatial abode – Lotus Palace.

Apartments in Sarjapur road, Bangalore | Flats for Sale in Sarjapur – Lo...

Lotus Palace – an abode of unparalleled pleasure of majestic living

IT is time to live the life you ever dreamt of – a grand living in the lines of Buckingham Palace! Yes, you can choose to live magnificently right there in Bengaluru. Lotus Palace brings you the harmony of premium living and aesthetics of monarchical comfort under one roof. Every single day of your life is going to let you feel like a king or a queen in the stately ambiance crafted for you in every bit of architectural essence the Lotus Place carries. See your imagination coming to life – we have collected the nectar of the extraordinary beauty to let you enjoy the unparalleled contentment of majestic living at Lotus Place.

Real Estate Financing Made Easy

The real estate market is the most lucrative investment option that yields profits in the short-run. Not every individual will be able to buy a property by paying the price in full or partial. Today, a majority of financial institutions offer a variety of refinancing options for people seeking to buy properties. The most popular form of financing is conventional financing that let people buy properties with ease. This method of financing takes into account the credit score of an investor and debt-earnings ratio, which means an individual requires to clear his/her credit score before applying. Individuals can also refinance when their credit score improves.

There is also 80/20 option available, which is inclusive of two mortgages and available only to property investors. The best part of this financing option is that there is no kind of further interest added to installment amounts. This form of refinancing seems to be more appropriate for income-group people who can get funded based on their earnings and the previous account history. Besides these financing options, individuals can also get funded through the methods of new developments. If you would like to buy a property of your choice, consider any one of these financing options.

Commercial Real Estate Scenario 2017

The non-resident or commercial real estate industry has been impacted significantly by the recent advancements in technology and notable demographic shifts. The profitability of the industry is continued to be impacted by macroeconomic factors. How do real estate companies get a competitive edge to survive in the long-run? Here are a few trends that need to be paid attention to in 2017. The mismatch between demand and supply continues to exist owing to labor shortfalls and permit-issuance delays. The financial performance of realtors may be under pressure. Mortgages, house prices, commodity prices and the spending in commercial activities are likely to increase gradually. Backlogs and architectural billings indicate slow construction activities.flats for sale in bangalore   " apartments in bangalore   Apartments in sarjapur road - Flats in sarjapur road
The key enablers for growth in 2017 include sustainability, predictive analytics, 3D printing, cloud, mobile technologies and enhanced productivity outsourcing. Deloitte probes Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to grow 2.5% in 2017 and the diffident economic improvement to temper the pace of commercial real estate industry. The expert team of economists at Deloitte predict the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates in the short-term to medium-term. The team also probes the employment-to-population ratio to increase in 2018. Moreover, the improving labor markets and household wealth are expected to boost consumer confidence. The compliance and administrative costs are expected to increase as a result of new accounting standards on lease accounting and revenue recognition. Source:

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Think Positive, think Buckingham Palace for you to experience and live the Aristocratic life style.

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